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City of Airdrie

Airdrie Board of Youth Affairs Logo Design

The City of Airdrie engaged us to redesign the logo for the Airdrie Board of Youth Affairs. The ABYA serves as a bridge between City Council, youth, and the community, functioning as an advisory body to the city, providing a voice for Airdrie youth. Their existing logo was outdated, and didn’t resonate with its members.
For the new logo, we focused on communicating the concepts of vibrancy, collaboration, community and positive change. The icon is an abstract portrayal of a vibrant community of energetic individuals collaborating together. Five stylized Y shapes are used to form the humanized figures, reaching outwards. By being connected together, these five figures form a flower shape, which is a symbol of growth and positivity. The five figures, in five different colours portray diversity, community and represent the board’s five value statements.