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Art Director / Designer
Hi, I’m Alex – an Alberta-based art director and designer. My approach to design revolves around helping my clients reach specific business objectives. To do so, my process involves working closely with my clients to gain a thorough understanding of their business, audience, and the goals they want to achieve. This enables me to deliver smart solutions that are both results-orientated and beautifully designed.
My career began about 18 years ago after earning a Bachelor of Design Degree from the Alberta College of Art & Design. After a number of years as a designer/art director at a few agencies in Calgary, I had an itch to do more interesting projects for more inspired clients. So, I ventured off on my own in 2008 and haven’t looked back.
I am the creative lead on all projects and often collaborate with other creatives, managing a team tailored to fit the unique needs of your business. I work with writers, photographers, illustrators, printers, etc — Whatever it takes to make your project a success. If your project would benefit from a specific style of photography, illustration, or special printing technique, I track down the right people to make it happen.
Aside from my love of design, I have a passion for the outdoors. When I’m not focused on my business, I can almost always be found on the slopes of the Rockies snowboarding, mountain biking, or hiking with my husband and dog.

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